Outback Earth Nodes Australia


Helping bridge the digital divide by processing World Mobile transactions for billions globally.

WMT Staking Benefits

Start Earning

Earn 8% APY (paid out monthly) by delegating your $WMT to a Earth Node Operator such as ourselves. Simply create your World Mobile Token Vault, connect your wallet, and start earning $WMT rewards from the network.

World Mobile Token is tradeable on the following centralised exchanges: KuCoin, MEXC, Gate.io, HTX, Bitmart, Bitrue & BingX.

You can also purchase $WMT instantly in the World Mobile Android App on the Google Play Store. (Apple iOS app coming soon)

Secure the Network

Delegate and help secure the network with World Mobile's proof-of-stake consensus.

Earn Rewards

Stake your tokens to earn rewards and watch them grow with the network.

Encrypted Vault

Information in your vault is encrypted and you'll always have complete control of your WMT.

Join the Movement

Help connect the unconnected and benefit from disrupting the trillion-dollar telco industry.

World Mobile

Rebooting Telecoms

How can half the world still be offline? Simple. Traditional mobile networks won't connect remote places because it’s too expensive and hard to maintain. Well, World Mobile is here to change that. The network is run by the people for the people, so anyone can tap into the telecom industry, and make the world a more connected place.

Bridge the digital divide

Unlock access to digital banking, online education, and healthcare for billions of people worldwide, starting in Africa.

Create a sustainable business model

Empower entrepreneurs to connect themselves and others while earning rewards.

Unlock the freedom of choice

Give people the choice to connect to the Internet, so they can earn, learn and grow.

Earn rewards

Earn rewards by staking your WMT to a node operator and help secure the network with our proof-of-stake consensus.

About Us

Outback Earth Nodes

outback earthnodes

We have 20 years' of I.T experience.

Proudly and professionally run by a team of 5 family members in South East Queensland, Australia. We have an extensive background in I.T, Project Management and Marketing. We've also run a Cardano Pool with several cloud-based and local nodes.

Our passion for blockchain and Cardano now extend to World Mobile, of which we are huge advocates. We share the same pursuit to help bridge the digital divide and connect the 2.9 billion unconnected people in the world.

We 100% believe in World Mobile's vision and will do everything we can to help make the world a more connected place. By connecting the unconnected we will unlock access to digital banking, online education, and healthcare for billions of people worldwide.

Let's reboot telecoms, together!

Our logo

Our logo draws inspiration from Aboriginal dot paintings and is rendered in World Mobile colours.

It not only represents the remote Australian outback and its Indigenous people but it also symoblises connection of people around the globe and the transmission of a wireless signal.

Aboriginal dot paintings have become a medium for telling stories and enlivening culture.

Outback Earth Node logo


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