World Mobile Global App Released on the Google Play Store

World Mobile has officially launched its app on the Google Play Store after a successful Community Beta. The app, available in several countries including Tanzania, the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia, is packed with features such as a Cardano wallet, fiat on-ramp, and Scan for Points functionality.

Originating in Zanzibar, the app initially focused on improving connectivity infrastructure and providing users with a decentralized identifier (DID). The global release follows a closed beta in Australia and a Community Beta in specific markets. Key features include the World Mobile Wallet for Cardano-based tokens, Fiat on Ramp for seamless currency exchange, Scan for Points to identify network weak spots, Network Service for data bundles, Mobile Money for digital transactions (exclusive to Zanzibar), and a Marketplace offering various products and services.

While some features may be limited by varying regulatory frameworks, the app represents a significant step toward World Mobile’s mission of delivering universal connectivity.

For more details on the global release phases please see this blog post on

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