Decentralized Wireless Service launched in the USA with eSIM Technology

World Mobile has officially launched its mobile network in the United States, providing high-speed LTE data using 4G technology on CBRS and band 71 spectrum bands. The company plans to release a 5G service in 2024. Securing its US spectrum license agreements in June and Mobile Network Code in July 2023, World Mobile has developed a dynamic solution integrating its global decentralized mobile network with international roaming services.

At the Rare Evo blockchain event in Denver, the company unveiled the World Mobile eSIM—a data-only, embedded SIM card allowing cost-effective roaming across 45 countries and extended connectivity in remote areas using AirNodes. As the first global mobile network built on blockchain, World Mobile ensures user privacy and introduces ‘SIM staking,’ allowing users to earn cashback rewards by staking tokens against their eSIM. CEO Micky Watkins expressed excitement about disrupting the industry and creating a more inclusive and sustainable wireless ecosystem.

The eSIM-based service is set to be available from Friday, August 25, 2023, with interested customers able to register at

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