World Mobile announces collab with Vodacom Mozambique

World Mobile, a trailblazer in technology-driven connectivity solutions, has launched an innovative aerostat trial in Mozambique in partnership with Vodacom Mozambique. The initiative marks a significant stride in World Mobile’s mission to connect remote and rural areas globally, identifying aerostats—tethered balloons equipped with telecommunications gear—as a promising solution for providing internet access to underserved communities. Micky Watkins, CEO of World Mobile, emphasized the potential of aerostats to unlock internet access for billions, citing their cost-effectiveness and rapid deployment as ideal for remote regions. Vodacom Mozambique’s pivotal role in the collaborative effort involves sharing spectrum and crucial resources, reflecting their commitment to innovation and connecting the unconnected.

The Mozambique trial represents more than a technological experiment; it symbolizes hope for numerous communities at the digital periphery. Success in the project could set the stage for similar initiatives across Africa and beyond, moving closer to a globally connected world. The trial, initiated in November, will run for a predetermined period to evaluate the effectiveness and sustainability of aerostat technology in real-world scenarios, showcasing the power of collaboration and innovation to address pressing challenges in connectivity.


World Mobile Welcomes MAV100 to its Partner Programme

World Mobile has partnered with MAV100, a foundation supporting schools in establishing their own telecommunications and virtual networks. Through World Mobile’s Partner Programme, the collaboration aims to help MAV100 create a community-owned mobile network in rural Washington’s Chelan County.

Addressing connectivity challenges faced by remote communities, MAV100 introduces decentralized solutions, redirecting revenue to educational programs. Engaging communities through Community Cooperative Membership NFTs, MAV100 fosters ownership in decentralized networks. The World Mobile Partner Programme offers entrepreneurs access to decentralized wireless network infrastructure and training. MAV100 plans to purchase AirNodes from World Mobile, utilizing proceeds to expand the network, fundraising by encouraging community subscriptions to World Mobile. AirNodes, radio devices providing access to World Mobile’s network, facilitate community connection and revenue generation.

World Mobile recently expanded its decentralized wireless network in the U.S., launching services in rural Oregon, offering high-speed, long-range connectivity on CBRS spectrum bands.


World Mobile and SEW Forge Global Partnership to Revolutionize Telecom Industry with AI

World Mobile and SEW, a global AI leader, have formed a Global Strategic Partnership to advance their presence in the telecom market. World Mobile, known for its blockchain-based Telco innovations, will integrate eSIM and AirNode technologies into SEW’s Smart CX platform, serving over a billion users across 40 countries.

This collaboration positions telecoms as both a service and an enabler for a hyper-connected model. In return, SEW will incorporate its digital CX, WX, and AI/ML/IoT analytics into World Mobile’s network and mobile app, enhancing performance, security, scalability, and providing valuable data-driven insights for customers and AirNode operators.


World Mobile and Adaptive Broadband Partner for Decentralized Wireless Connectivity in Rural Oregon

World Mobile has entered into a strategic partnership with Adaptive Broadband, a prominent rural wireless ISP based in Oregon and a subsidiary of Adaptive Ad Systems. This collaboration marks the initiation of World Mobile’s commercial operations in the USA, integrating its decentralized AirNode infrastructure and sharing economy into Adaptive Broadband’s existing network.

With over 15 years of experience in serving rural communities in Oregon, Adaptive Broadband will convert more than 70 of its radios, towers, and hotspots into AirNodes, validated and authenticated through the World Mobile blockchain (AYA). The partnership extends cellular coverage and Over-The-Top (OTT) services to rural areas near Salem, Oregon, transforming Adaptive Broadband into a comprehensive “three-play” provider and aligning with World Mobile’s mission of creating a more inclusive, connected world while generating revenue for its sharing economy.


World Mobile enters strategic partnership with Immunify.Life

World Mobile has partnered with Immunify.Life to collaborate on improving healthcare and connectivity in the regions that need it most.

Both World Mobile and Immunify.Life offer services that use cutting-edge blockchain technology to solve pervasive global problems, and as smart healthcare solutions for regions with poorer medical outcomes require affordable internet connectivity, there is strong synergy within this partnership that drives interoperability between both platforms.

World Mobile believes that access to the internet is a human right, and that the nearly 3 billion unconnected people around the world deserve access to affordable connectivity and the opportunities it brings.

World Mobile is rolling out a dynamic network built on blockchain and the sharing economy to bring affordable connectivity where other telcos can’t go, while also offering a more efficient model for telco infrastructure and giving everyone the opportunity to benefit from the rollout of equitable connectivity globally.

Immunify.Life is building a blockchain-based ecosystem for the healthcare industry that will deliver better and more efficient healthcare data management and reliability, improving medical outcomes in the regions that need it most.

The partnership between World Mobile Immunify.Life will include the deployment of Immunify.Life’s DApp to the World Mobile ecosystem. This will help to expand the potential audience for Immunify.Life’s blockchain-based healthcare app while also offering additional utility and services to users on the World Mobile network.

Partnering for healthcare and connectivity in Africa

Africa is one of the world’s largest and most diversified continents, having various cultures and economies. While some African nations have had the good fortune to expand and maintain pace with other continents, others remain hindered in their development due to war or corruption.

Even with modern technology, hundreds of millions of people lack access to basic health records, and medical personnel often aren’t equipped with the necessary tools and technology to assist patients’ health requirements.

Africa is also the least-connected region in the world, with many regions underserved by legacy mobile networks and remote areas remaining unconnected entirely. Internet connectivity is crucial to economic empowerment, the establishment of digital identity, and unlocking the educational and financial opportunities offered by the global marketplace.

The deployment of blockchain-based solutions that solve connectivity and healthcare data management problems in Africa has the potential to drastically improve the lives of people in underconnected or underserved regions. The partnership between World Mobile and Immunify.Life aims to address these issues while creating a synergistic ecosystem of applications that deliver crucial services to these areas.

“World Mobile’s offering of blockchain-powered connectivity and our healthcare data management solution creates room for interesting symbiosis. Since we are both working in developing nations, there are plenty of areas where we can collaborate. This partnership will open doors for mutual support for country implementations where possible.”

— Guy Newing, Immunify.Life Founder

“We are delighted to be partnering with Immunify.Life to help bring healthcare data management solutions that will improve medical outcomes to the regions that need it most. Immunify.Life share our vision for a world where everyone has access to the services and opportunities they deserve, regardless of where they are. Nearly 3 billion people around the world are unconnected, and World Mobile’s mission to provide affordable and efficient connectivity delivers the key to unlocking exciting new opportunities for education, finance, healthcare, and so much more.”

— Micky Watkins, World Mobile Co-Founder and CEO

About World Mobile

World Mobile is a dynamic mobile network built on blockchain and the sharing economy that aims to connect the unconnected and foster a movement towards equitable global connectivity. World Mobile disrupts traditional telecommunication models by empowering people to own, operate and earn from infrastructure on its network, creating a sharing economy that drives sustainable growth and opportunity around the world.

Everyone has the right to connectivity and the economic, educational, and social opportunities it brings. By building a network together with the people, World Mobile is dedicated to delivering this opportunity to the 2.9 billion unconnected people in the world and offering more affordable and efficient connectivity that benefits everyone.

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About Immunify.Life

Immunify.Life is a transformative and self-sustaining healthcare ecosystem secured by blockchain with the mission to transform the landscape of health management and data utilization. The project leverages the power of Big Health Data and Artificial Intelligence to ensure seamless movement of de-identified patient healthcare data.

Immunify.Life has established a strong presence in Africa with a team that has over 60 years of combined experience in the relevant industries. It is a world-first holistic and self-sustaining ecosystem to solve global health management crises and data collection challenges.

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World Mobile Token partners with Genius Yield to boost DeFi adoption

World Mobile Token (WMT) has partnered with Cardano-based DeFi protocol Genius Yield to fast-track the adoption of decentralised finance (DeFi) on the Cardano blockchain.

WMT is the utility token build on Cardano that powers the sharing economy of the global World Mobile network. Transactions generated and processed on the World Mobile network earn rewards for stakers and node operators paid in WMT. WMT token holders are able to earn rewards by holding their tokens in a Cardano wallet and staking through the WMT Vault. Holders of WMT can also stake in fixed pools through the Genius DEX’s staking feature.

The partnership will see both companies work together to improve access to financial education and bring practical DeFi use cases to everyday users. World Mobile Token and Genius Yield will support each other’s tokens in their respective protocols, boosting token liquidity and improving interoperability.

As part of this collaboration, World Mobile Token will support Genius Yield’s liquidity pools in the Genius DEX and Smart Liquidity Vault, also known as the Yield Optimizer, which is powered by artificial intelligence and is built on top of the Genius DEX.

Genius Yield will set up and provide early access to the Smart Order Router, an off-chain order matching bot, for WMT and will also operate an EarthNode. EarthNodes are the heartbeat of the World Mobile network, processing and securing transactions on the World Mobile Chain while earning their operators rewards for their role at the core of the WMT ecosystem.

In addition, Genius Yield and World Mobile Token have collaborated to design and mint 2,000 utility NFTs.

The 2,000 NFTs will be distributed as follows:

  • 1,000 NFTs will be airdropped to the World Mobile Token community and EarthNode Operators
  • 1,000 NFTs will be distributed to the Genius Yield community

Holders who opt to stake their NFTs together with WMT via the Genius DEX will receive higher yields. NFT holders will get early access to VIP areas or native World Mobile app features. They will also receive a 25% discount from the one-year-long paid blockchain course offered by Genius Academy from Q2 2023.

Genius Academy equips readers with the necessary toolsets by availing in-depth articles for users to better grasp the increasingly sophisticated and dynamic crypto and DeFi ecosystems. It has partnered with PSL university and onboarded top crypto and blockchain experts to deliver comprehensive, high-quality education on these topics.

Genius Yield and World Mobile Token will also present their projects via a livestream during the first Hackathon for Haskell and Plutus in Latin America (LATAM) held at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN), Argentina. This two-day event will take place from September 3rd to 4th, 2022, and is organized by Ada Solar, a Cardano-based project that uses the potential of solar power to democratize energy, and UTN.

Genius Yield, CardanoFeed.com, AnetaBTC, Tosidrop, and Input-Output Global (IOG), the development team behind the Cardano blockchain, are sponsoring this event.