World Mobile announces collab with Vodacom Mozambique

World Mobile, a trailblazer in technology-driven connectivity solutions, has launched an innovative aerostat trial in Mozambique in partnership with Vodacom Mozambique. The initiative marks a significant stride in World Mobile’s mission to connect remote and rural areas globally, identifying aerostats—tethered balloons equipped with telecommunications gear—as a promising solution for providing internet access to underserved communities. Micky Watkins, CEO of World Mobile, emphasized the potential of aerostats to unlock internet access for billions, citing their cost-effectiveness and rapid deployment as ideal for remote regions. Vodacom Mozambique’s pivotal role in the collaborative effort involves sharing spectrum and crucial resources, reflecting their commitment to innovation and connecting the unconnected.

The Mozambique trial represents more than a technological experiment; it symbolizes hope for numerous communities at the digital periphery. Success in the project could set the stage for similar initiatives across Africa and beyond, moving closer to a globally connected world. The trial, initiated in November, will run for a predetermined period to evaluate the effectiveness and sustainability of aerostat technology in real-world scenarios, showcasing the power of collaboration and innovation to address pressing challenges in connectivity.


World Mobile Welcomes MAV100 to its Partner Programme

World Mobile has partnered with MAV100, a foundation supporting schools in establishing their own telecommunications and virtual networks. Through World Mobile’s Partner Programme, the collaboration aims to help MAV100 create a community-owned mobile network in rural Washington’s Chelan County.

Addressing connectivity challenges faced by remote communities, MAV100 introduces decentralized solutions, redirecting revenue to educational programs. Engaging communities through Community Cooperative Membership NFTs, MAV100 fosters ownership in decentralized networks. The World Mobile Partner Programme offers entrepreneurs access to decentralized wireless network infrastructure and training. MAV100 plans to purchase AirNodes from World Mobile, utilizing proceeds to expand the network, fundraising by encouraging community subscriptions to World Mobile. AirNodes, radio devices providing access to World Mobile’s network, facilitate community connection and revenue generation.

World Mobile recently expanded its decentralized wireless network in the U.S., launching services in rural Oregon, offering high-speed, long-range connectivity on CBRS spectrum bands.


World Mobile Launches Africa’s First Commercial Telecoms Aerostat, Connecting Rural Mozambique

World Mobile Group, the pioneering global mobile network leveraging blockchain and the sharing economy, has successfully launched its first aerostat in Mozambique, aiming to bridge the connectivity gap in the country.

With Mozambique’s low internet user rate of 23% and a significant rural population lacking infrastructure, World Mobile addresses the issue by introducing an accessible, affordable, and sustainable mobile network. The aerostats, deployed 300 meters into the air, provide last-mile connectivity with a custom radio payload, allowing direct connection for customers within a 130-kilometer radius. This technology overcomes challenges of terrain, infrastructure, and cost.

World Mobile’s blockchain foundation ensures transparency, efficiency, and security, offering a unique model for individuals and businesses to operate nodes and bring communities online while earning revenue. The launch near Massingir village initiates data gathering for future deployments across Mozambique, Africa, and other under-connected regions globally.


World Mobile Global App Released on the Google Play Store

World Mobile has officially launched its app on the Google Play Store after a successful Community Beta. The app, available in several countries including Tanzania, the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia, is packed with features such as a Cardano wallet, fiat on-ramp, and Scan for Points functionality.

Originating in Zanzibar, the app initially focused on improving connectivity infrastructure and providing users with a decentralized identifier (DID). The global release follows a closed beta in Australia and a Community Beta in specific markets. Key features include the World Mobile Wallet for Cardano-based tokens, Fiat on Ramp for seamless currency exchange, Scan for Points to identify network weak spots, Network Service for data bundles, Mobile Money for digital transactions (exclusive to Zanzibar), and a Marketplace offering various products and services.

While some features may be limited by varying regulatory frameworks, the app represents a significant step toward World Mobile’s mission of delivering universal connectivity.

For more details on the global release phases please see this blog post on WorldMobile.io


Decentralized Wireless Service launched in the USA with eSIM Technology

World Mobile has officially launched its mobile network in the United States, providing high-speed LTE data using 4G technology on CBRS and band 71 spectrum bands. The company plans to release a 5G service in 2024. Securing its US spectrum license agreements in June and Mobile Network Code in July 2023, World Mobile has developed a dynamic solution integrating its global decentralized mobile network with international roaming services.

At the Rare Evo blockchain event in Denver, the company unveiled the World Mobile eSIM—a data-only, embedded SIM card allowing cost-effective roaming across 45 countries and extended connectivity in remote areas using AirNodes. As the first global mobile network built on blockchain, World Mobile ensures user privacy and introduces ‘SIM staking,’ allowing users to earn cashback rewards by staking tokens against their eSIM. CEO Micky Watkins expressed excitement about disrupting the industry and creating a more inclusive and sustainable wireless ecosystem.

The eSIM-based service is set to be available from Friday, August 25, 2023, with interested customers able to register at esim.worldmobile.io.

world mobile token buyback

WM starts token buyback program

World Mobile has launched a token buyback program as part of its mission to establish a sustainable sharing economy. The program involves World Mobile’s treasury purchasing World Mobile Tokens (WMT) from the open market using revenue generated from commercial services.

The bought-back tokens will be redistributed as rewards, supporting the growth of the sharing economy and enhancing the stability and utility of the overall ecosystem. The first token buyback took place on May 29, 2023, and future buybacks will occur at random intervals to maintain the integrity of the World Mobile Chain. The program aims to support the sharing economy, build a sustainable ecosystem, and align with World Mobile’s global expansion plans.

As World Mobile expands its services, the value and frequency of token buybacks will increase, further strengthening the ecosystem and benefiting participants. The token buyback program is a key component of World Mobile’s vision for an inclusive and sustainable mobile ecosystem.

For more details on the token buyback program, please check out the World Mobile Blog and Twitter post.

world mobile app

Closed Beta of World Mobile App launched

World Mobile has released the Early Access version of its global app on the Google Play Store, and we’re happy to announce that we are one of the early beta testers!

This marks the beginning of “Mission Two”, where a limited number World Mobile Users have been invited to download and test the app. The company is eager to receive feedback from its community beta testers in the coming weeks, so we’ve been putting the app through it’s paces, testing everything from creating a self-sovereign account, to purchasing WMT via the Crypto Wallet, transferring crypto to and from the app, and using the exciting scan-to-earn feature.

We look forward to sharing more with you soon!

aya whitepaper

AyA Whitepaper Released

On April 1st, World Mobile released the first version of their AyA Whitepaper. The Whitepaper outlines World Mobile’s hybrid Layer-2 solution which consists of a highly decentralised and secure Financial Settlement Layer, a Trust Layer, and a scalable and competitive Telecommunications Settlement Layer, known as “AyA”.

The AyA node is present in the software of an EarthNode, allowing EarthNode Operators (ENOs) to offer their resources to provide infrastructure for value-added services and communications. Customers keep their financial assets on the Financial Settlement Layer, and delegators hold World Mobile Tokens (WMTs) and stake them to one or more EarthNodes. The AyA consensus mechanism is used by validator nodes inside the EarthNodes to reach agreement and achieve finality, and the AyA Committee is a rotating and randomly-selected subset of all the EarthNodes that operate the trustless interface to the Layer-1 chains in the system.

The whitepaper has introduced several new concepts and components surrounding the new World Mobile Chain (WMC) which include Stake Injection and Light Clients which receives messages from the mainchain, and is connected to a Cardano-Node to listen to events and look up historical mainchain data.

The AyA Whitepaper is available via this link, however, please note that it is a work in progress and is iterative.

World Mobile Global App

Global App preview, AirNode Sales UX sneek peak plus more!

In a recent World Mobile Twitter Space on March 21st 2023, the team gave us our first look at the Global Mobile App (which is apparently coming very soon). The big highlight was not only the integrated $WMT and $ADA wallet, but the ability to purchase & sell $WMT via a built-in fiat on-ramp and off-ramp. Details of how this will work are yet to be shared but having the ability to purchase crypto via the app will open up the token to a much wider audience. The team also announced that several other ‘value added services’ will be integrated into the app.

Next on the agenda was WorldMobile’s update to WMTscan.com. Previously we could only see the number of AirNodes and their locations but now users can view the ‘Top 5’ AirNodes by revenue which show the estimated monthly earnings for the host. What’s also interesting to see are the DIDs (Decentralized identifiers) linked to these Top 5 earning AirNodes, something that World Mobile have been determined on bringing to the WM ecosystem since day one.

The update also gave us our first look at the AirNode Sales UX (Screenshots are for illustration only. Final designs subject to change). The new platform will allow the purchase of AirNodes around the world where anyone can start earning in the World Mobile economy. If you’re interested in owning an AirNode you can still register for early whitelist access to be one of the first AirNode owners – https://join.worldmobile.io.

Last but not least, we got to see a full World Mobile demo network up & running in New Hampshire, U.S.A, showcasing working Aerostat & Airnode connections with a Mobile Phone. This is just another step forward in the launch of the World Mobile network!


World Mobile sees first paying B2C customers via its Mobile App

On February 17th, World Mobile announced the onboarding of their first paying B2C customers along with the official release of the World Mobile Android application.

This follows several weeks of testing with local activators who were on-site to provide customers with an overview of the app, walk them through the Data Bundle purchasing process, and provide any further assistance if needed. After successful testing, the app has now been officially rolled-out in Zanzibar.

The team also showcased the Data Bundles available via the app. These are available for purchase directly with mobile money, or through the purchase of airtime vouchers in local stores. Affordable solutions on offer include 30-day bundles for travellers, plus 90-day expiry bundles for long-term users.

In addition, the app will allow network users to manage their data bundles and credit balance. The credits you see as ‘WUCTZ’ are ‘World Mobile Utility Credits Tanzania’.

While this credit balance will initially be exchanged for cash, in the future, customers will also be incentivised to earn WUCTZ by further participation in the World Mobile sharing economy.

As per the newly launched World Mobile Tanzania website https://worldmobile.co.tz, the team explain how you can easily get connected when in the region:

Our App is available on all Android phones beginning with 6.0. You can download it free from our World Mobile Network. Once in range you can connect to our World Mobile network. Then, just follow the instructions to download the App.

The website also shows a coverage map of locations where you can connect to the World Mobile network. Currently this includes over 200 AirNodes in Zanzibar City. More details regarding Decentralised Identifiers (DIDs) and the built in mobile wallet will be released shortly.