world mobile pakistan deployment

Pakistan Deployment

World Mobile has announced its plans to deploy its network in Pakistan. This expansion follows the successful deployment of their network in Zanzibar, and World Mobile aims to replicate that success by adopting a similar approach in Pakistan. The initial phase of the rollout involves the deployment of four AirNodes, with a full commercial network set to launch soon.

This move marks World Mobile’s first commercial deployment outside of Africa and is seen as a strategic and important step for the company. Pakistan, with a population of over 220 million, has been making efforts to achieve rapid economic growth and improve living standards for its citizens. However, despite significant progress in mobile connectivity, there remains a usage gap, with only 10% of the population subscribing to mobile internet services.

World Mobile’s hybrid connectivity solution offers not only affordable connectivity but also the potential to support economic development in Pakistan. With the average monthly income in the country estimated at around $150, hosting World Mobile’s AirNodes presents an opportunity for individuals to earn additional income through the sharing economy model.

The announcement has generated excitement and enthusiasm, with World Mobile’s CEO expressing enthusiasm about contributing to the advancement of connectivity in Pakistan and leveraging the country’s dynamic and expanding economy. By addressing the affordability and accessibility challenges, World Mobile aims to play a significant role in closing the connectivity gap and supporting Pakistan’s development targets.

More information on the first rollout location can be found here, via World Mobile Twitter.

World Mobile Global App

Global App preview, AirNode Sales UX sneek peak plus more!

In a recent World Mobile Twitter Space on March 21st 2023, the team gave us our first look at the Global Mobile App (which is apparently coming very soon). The big highlight was not only the integrated $WMT and $ADA wallet, but the ability to purchase & sell $WMT via a built-in fiat on-ramp and off-ramp. Details of how this will work are yet to be shared but having the ability to purchase crypto via the app will open up the token to a much wider audience. The team also announced that several other ‘value added services’ will be integrated into the app.

Next on the agenda was WorldMobile’s update to Previously we could only see the number of AirNodes and their locations but now users can view the ‘Top 5’ AirNodes by revenue which show the estimated monthly earnings for the host. What’s also interesting to see are the DIDs (Decentralized identifiers) linked to these Top 5 earning AirNodes, something that World Mobile have been determined on bringing to the WM ecosystem since day one.

The update also gave us our first look at the AirNode Sales UX (Screenshots are for illustration only. Final designs subject to change). The new platform will allow the purchase of AirNodes around the world where anyone can start earning in the World Mobile economy. If you’re interested in owning an AirNode you can still register for early whitelist access to be one of the first AirNode owners –

Last but not least, we got to see a full World Mobile demo network up & running in New Hampshire, U.S.A, showcasing working Aerostat & Airnode connections with a Mobile Phone. This is just another step forward in the launch of the World Mobile network!


End of Year Twitter Space Update

On Monday 28th November World Mobile held a Twitter Space with Micky Watkins (Mr Telecom), Zac (Head of Token) and Antonio (CTO) to discuss the current status of Earth Nodes and Air Nodes.

Starting off the Space, Micky announced the World Mobile Merch Holidays Collection featuring tshirts, jumpers and Christmas tree ornaments.

Next up were details on the ENNFT for Earth Node Operators. Due to a small issue with Nami Wallet it has been delayed to the beginning of December. The team have also found some small optimizations they want to make so they can be absolutely sure about the security of the smart contract.

Earth Node Rewards Part 2 was also discussed and unfortunately it’s still being worked on and there’s no date yet. The team want to make sure they get it 100% right.

World Mobile have also promised 225 Air Nodes by the end of the year and revenues from these will soon be displayed on WMTscan.

As for Earth Node Testnet, the development team work in 2 week sprints and if all goes well internal testing on the Testnet Candidate will likely begin in the first week of December. Antonio did mention they will choose a select group of Earth Nodes to participate in the early Testnet however we’ve put forward a proposal for Earth Node owners to register their interest in running on Testnet as there are several of us with time & skill who are eager to get testing.

Also mentioned within the Space was the fully autonomous aerostat built by World Mobile, smaller than the one in Zanzibar but with motorised control for stabilization. It’s also much easier to move around and cheaper than the larger aerostat which requires a mooring station. World Mobile will be releasing content soon showcasing its build.

World Mobile are currently working on an advanced 5G fibreglass antenna for rural America. It will have a frequency of 200Mhz and offer speeds of 60Mbps concurrently or 100/20. The aerostat being deployed in Zanzibar uses 4 directional antennas which allows for wide signal distribution but doesn’t have a super long range. It’s also LTE, not 5G, however it will be upgraded later to support 5G connection. World Mobile are just awaiting final sign-off from the Zanzibar Department of Defence before they can launch the Aerostat.

That’s all of the main info from the Twitter Space – Stay tuned for upcoming details around the Earth Node NFT and Testnet!


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World Mobile is rebooting telecoms by letting anyone own a part of and earn from the World Mobile network. Own your AirNode, rent it out, and get paid for everyone you help connect – it’s as simple as that.

Nearly 3 billion people around the world are unconnected and World Mobile has already helped over 17,000 unique users get connected in their beta network. The next step is to launch aerostats, connect backhaul services, bring mainnet online along with the 1000 Earth Nodes and of course, scale massively with AirNode owners and operators. This is where you come in.

World Mobile already have licenses to operator in 5 countries and have a target of securing another 5 countries by the end of 2022. With total government support in all rollout countries, World Mobile are full steam ahead with development, testing and deployment plans. Mainnet is in production, Earth Node owner/operators are raring to go, but they need AirNode owners to rent out Access Point hardware to locals on the ground in these unconnected countries.

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Would you like to learn more about what an AirNode is and how it works? Check out this video from World Mobile CTO Antonio Hernández and see just how easy it is operate an AirNode and help connect the unconnected.