aya whitepaper

AyA Whitepaper Released

On April 1st, World Mobile released the first version of their AyA Whitepaper. The Whitepaper outlines World Mobile’s hybrid Layer-2 solution which consists of a highly decentralised and secure Financial Settlement Layer, a Trust Layer, and a scalable and competitive Telecommunications Settlement Layer, known as “AyA”.

The AyA node is present in the software of an EarthNode, allowing EarthNode Operators (ENOs) to offer their resources to provide infrastructure for value-added services and communications. Customers keep their financial assets on the Financial Settlement Layer, and delegators hold World Mobile Tokens (WMTs) and stake them to one or more EarthNodes. The AyA consensus mechanism is used by validator nodes inside the EarthNodes to reach agreement and achieve finality, and the AyA Committee is a rotating and randomly-selected subset of all the EarthNodes that operate the trustless interface to the Layer-1 chains in the system.

The whitepaper has introduced several new concepts and components surrounding the new World Mobile Chain (WMC) which include Stake Injection and Light Clients which receives messages from the mainchain, and is connected to a Cardano-Node to listen to events and look up historical mainchain data.

The AyA Whitepaper is available via this link, however, please note that it is a work in progress and is iterative.


ENNFT Claiming Contract Audit Completed

In a recent blog post from Runtime Verification they announced that the audit on the Earth Node NFT Claiming Contract has been completed. Runtime Verification is a software company founded in 2010 that specializes in formal verification, runtime monitoring, and security for complex systems. The company was started by a group of researchers and engineers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and it has since grown to become a leading provider of software verification tools and services.

Runtime Verification conducted a manual code review for a period of 3 weeks and delivered a detailed report on December 29th, 2022.

To ensure the correctness and security of the Earthnode NFT Contract, World Mobile engaged Runtime Verification to perform a thorough audit of the code. The audit process included manual code review, automated testing, and formal verification techniques which found a number of minor issues that were promptly addressed by the World Mobile development team.

The audit identified and highlighted some issues along with some informative findings. Runtime Verification conducted a best-effort review of code fixes and worked with the World Mobile Group team to incorporate code fixes into the smart contract.

Overall, the audit confirmed the correctness and security of the ENNFT Contract and gave World Mobile confidence in its ability to provide a reliable and secure mobile network infrastructure. Readers interested in a more detailed and technical explanation of the findings can review the full report in Runtime Verification’s GitHub repository.


Public Testnet “Aya” now live

World Mobile have accelerated the roll out of testnet by onboarding more EarthNode Operators to public testnet “aya_preview_501”. It’s still being deployed in progressive iterations with more and more ENO’s being invited as testing advances.

The current Testnet status includes:

  • EarthNode Non-fungible Tokens (ENNFTs), which can be claimed by the EarthNode Operators and stored in their wallet to allow them to connect to the Aya testnet and register as a validator
  • Installation script that allows our first EarthNode Operators to create their account, set up an EarthNode, connect to the Aya testnet, and register as a validator
  • Basic infrastructure to support rudimental cross-chain interactions
  • Grafana dashboards to allow EarthNode Operators to monitor their EarthNode

A Testnet whitepaper will be available soon and World Mobile will introduce mainnet after the testnet has been proven to be stable and fully functioning.

For more details on the steps of how Earth Node Operators are being onboarded, please see the recent World Mobile blog post “Introducing the Aya testnet“.


Earth Node NFTs and Testnet launched

The World Mobile community have had a great start to 2023 with the launch of Earth Node NFTs (ENNFT) and the World Mobile Testnet, codenamed “Aya”. The name Aya comes from the Adinkra symbol, and it means fern. This symbol represents resourcefulness and endurance. Aya is built using the Cosmos SDK, interfacing with Cardano using smart contracts. Testnet is currently limited to a handful of Earth Node Operators (ENO’s) so the setup script and installation details can be streamlined and any issues ironed out.

The EarthNode NFTs (ENNFTs) are unique non-fungible tokens for EarthNode Operators which represent their ownership of an EarthNode. They are deployed on the Cardano blockchain, and each NFT has a unique number signifying the EarthNode it represents. EarthNodes are the heartbeat of the World Mobile network. Their operators earn rewards for processing transactions on the blockchain and securing the network, as well as offering value-added services.

All 1,000 available EarthNodes were previously reserved through a multi-stage process that culminated in a month-long auction for the last remaining nodes.

Those who have reserved an EarthNode are now able to claim their unique ENNFTs from within the WMT Vault and will need to do so to continue to participate in the EarthNode Operator Rewards Distribution Programme.

PSA: Please be careful when purchasing an ENNFT on secondary NFT marketplaces such as jpg.store. Be sure to check that the policy ID matches the official ENNFT policy ID here.

More details on claiming ENNFTs can be found on the World Mobile Blog.


End of Year Twitter Space Update

On Monday 28th November World Mobile held a Twitter Space with Micky Watkins (Mr Telecom), Zac (Head of Token) and Antonio (CTO) to discuss the current status of Earth Nodes and Air Nodes.

Starting off the Space, Micky announced the World Mobile Merch Holidays Collection featuring tshirts, jumpers and Christmas tree ornaments.

Next up were details on the ENNFT for Earth Node Operators. Due to a small issue with Nami Wallet it has been delayed to the beginning of December. The team have also found some small optimizations they want to make so they can be absolutely sure about the security of the smart contract.

Earth Node Rewards Part 2 was also discussed and unfortunately it’s still being worked on and there’s no date yet. The team want to make sure they get it 100% right.

World Mobile have also promised 225 Air Nodes by the end of the year and revenues from these will soon be displayed on WMTscan.

As for Earth Node Testnet, the development team work in 2 week sprints and if all goes well internal testing on the Testnet Candidate will likely begin in the first week of December. Antonio did mention they will choose a select group of Earth Nodes to participate in the early Testnet however we’ve put forward a proposal for Earth Node owners to register their interest in running on Testnet as there are several of us with time & skill who are eager to get testing.

Also mentioned within the Space was the fully autonomous aerostat built by World Mobile, smaller than the one in Zanzibar but with motorised control for stabilization. It’s also much easier to move around and cheaper than the larger aerostat which requires a mooring station. World Mobile will be releasing content soon showcasing its build.

World Mobile are currently working on an advanced 5G fibreglass antenna for rural America. It will have a frequency of 200Mhz and offer speeds of 60Mbps concurrently or 100/20. The aerostat being deployed in Zanzibar uses 4 directional antennas which allows for wide signal distribution but doesn’t have a super long range. It’s also LTE, not 5G, however it will be upgraded later to support 5G connection. World Mobile are just awaiting final sign-off from the Zanzibar Department of Defence before they can launch the Aerostat.

That’s all of the main info from the Twitter Space – Stay tuned for upcoming details around the Earth Node NFT and Testnet!

Earth Node Alliance

The first alliance of Earth Node Operators

Following Cardano’s Rare Bloom event held in Denver, Colorado on October 14th-15th, several Earth Node Operators got together to discuss all things World Mobile. From here the Earth Node Alliance was born.

This alliance gives ENO’s a central platform/resource similar to Cardano’s SPOCRA where they can connect, create content and have a unified voice. This also include a weekly Twitter Space where all World Mobile community members are invited to speak and discuss the current rollout, updates, partnerships, Air Node ownership, Earth Node staking and more.

Currently you can follow the Earth Node Alliance on Twitter, Discord and YouTube.

The first ENA Twitter Space was held on November 5th 2022 and if you missed it you can listen to the 1.5h recording below via their YouTube channel.


EarthNode Auction – Final Weekly Update

The EarthNode auction has officially ended, with the last few EarthNodes receiving winning bids during the past week.

The bidding window for each of the final auctions was increased to allow more time for token holders to bid on the remaining EarthNodes.

Bidding on the last available EarthNodes was fierce, with the last week of the EarthNode Auction seeing record-breaking average and highest winning bid amounts.

Below are the highlights from the final week of the EarthNode Auction:

  • 4 EarthNodes received winning bids totaling 245,910 WMT this week.
  • The highest winning bid for an EarthNode this week was 90,210 WMT.
  • The average winning bid in the EarthNode Auction this week was 61,478 WMT.

Overall Statistics

Check out the overall statistics from the EarthNode Auction, which ran from 1st June to 5th August 2022:

  • 82 EarthNodes were auctioned overall, with winning bids totalling 2,970,600 WMT.
  • The final auction saw the highest winning bid for an EarthNode at 90,210 WMT.
  • Across the entire EarthNode Auction period, the average winning bid for an EarthNode was 36,227 WMT.

The figures above reflect the bid amounts and do not include the 100,000 WMT delegated stake needed to reserve each EarthNode.

Bidding in the EarthNode Auction

The EarthNode Auction gives everyone the opportunity to reserve their place at the core of the World Mobile Token ecosystem by bidding to reserve an EarthNode.

EarthNodes are the heartbeat of the unstoppable World Mobile network, powering the blockchain-based infrastructure by processing transactions and securing the World Mobile Chain’s immutable distributed ledger.

Bidding in the EarthNode Auction was done entirely through the Vault. To bid in an auction, you will need to hold 100,000 WMT as a pledge amount in addition to the amount you bid for an EarthNode.

Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to bid in the EarthNode Auction.

Previous EarthNode Auction updates

Weekly Update – 31st July 2022

  • 6 EarthNodes received winning bids totaling 268,217 WMT.
  • The highest winning bid for an EarthNode was 48,000 WMT.
  • The average winning bid in the EarthNode Auction was 44,703 WMT.

Weekly Update – 24th July 2022

  • 10 EarthNodes received winning bids totaling 326,191 WMT.
  • The highest winning bid for an EarthNode was 42,000 WMT.
  • The average winning bid for an EarthNode was 32,619 WMT.

Weekly Update – 17th July 2022

  • 10 EarthNodes received winning bids totalling 298,507 WMT this week.
  • The highest winning bid for an EarthNode this week was 34,250 WMT.
  • The average winning bid in the EarthNode Auction this week was 29,850 WMT.

Weekly Update – 10th July 2022

  • 10 EarthNodes received winning bids totalling 309,049 WMT this week.
  • The highest winning bid for an EarthNode this week was 36,500 WMT.
  • The average winning bid in the EarthNode Auction this week was 30,904 WMT.

Weekly Update – 3rd July 2022

  • 10 EarthNodes received winning bids totalling 330,741 WMT.
  • The highest winning bid for an EarthNode was 40,000 WMT.
  • The average winning bid for an EarthNode was 33,074 WMT.

Weekly Update – 26th June 2022

  • 10 EarthNodes received winning bids totalling 397,402 WMT.
  • The highest winning bid for an EarthNode was 42,700 WMT.
  • The average winning bid for an EarthNode was 39,740 WMT.