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World Mobile is rebooting telecoms by letting anyone own a part of and earn from the World Mobile network. Own your AirNode, rent it out, and get paid for everyone you help connect – it’s as simple as that.

Nearly 3 billion people around the world are unconnected and World Mobile has already helped over 17,000 unique users get connected in their beta network. The next step is to launch aerostats, connect backhaul services, bring mainnet online along with the 1000 Earth Nodes and of course, scale massively with AirNode owners and operators. This is where you come in.

World Mobile already have licenses to operator in 5 countries and have a target of securing another 5 countries by the end of 2022. With total government support in all rollout countries, World Mobile are full steam ahead with development, testing and deployment plans. Mainnet is in production, Earth Node owner/operators are raring to go, but they need AirNode owners to rent out Access Point hardware to locals on the ground in these unconnected countries.

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Would you like to learn more about what an AirNode is and how it works? Check out this video from World Mobile CTO Antonio Hernández and see just how easy it is operate an AirNode and help connect the unconnected.