World Mobile Secures US Spectrum License

World Mobile is addressing the global issue of internet access by focusing on underserved communities. Despite significant internet connectivity, there are still about 3 billion people without access worldwide. In the United States, approximately 24 million people, including 19 million in rural areas and 1.4 million on Tribal lands, lack broadband access.

To combat this, World Mobile has achieved a crucial milestone by securing licensed spectrum in the USA. This spectrum, up to 20MHz in California, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah, will be a key component of their hybrid dynamic network solution. The network combines licensed, shared, and unlicensed spectrum across aerial and ground assets to provide affordable and widespread connectivity.

With this spectrum, World Mobile plans to deploy decentralized network infrastructure (AirNodes) in underserved states, contributing to the federal government’s efforts to expand broadband access. The secured spectrum also positions World Mobile as the 52nd mobile network operator in the USA, pending FCC approval. This aligns with President Biden’s $42 billion high-speed internet initiative, addressing the digital divide and aiming for a more inclusive and connected nation. World Mobile’s innovative approach, combining blockchain technology and infrastructure, allows them to offer affordable connectivity crucial for underserved communities’ access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities.