world mobile pakistan deployment

Pakistan Deployment

World Mobile has announced its plans to deploy its network in Pakistan. This expansion follows the successful deployment of their network in Zanzibar, and World Mobile aims to replicate that success by adopting a similar approach in Pakistan. The initial phase of the rollout involves the deployment of four AirNodes, with a full commercial network set to launch soon.

This move marks World Mobile’s first commercial deployment outside of Africa and is seen as a strategic and important step for the company. Pakistan, with a population of over 220 million, has been making efforts to achieve rapid economic growth and improve living standards for its citizens. However, despite significant progress in mobile connectivity, there remains a usage gap, with only 10% of the population subscribing to mobile internet services.

World Mobile’s hybrid connectivity solution offers not only affordable connectivity but also the potential to support economic development in Pakistan. With the average monthly income in the country estimated at around $150, hosting World Mobile’s AirNodes presents an opportunity for individuals to earn additional income through the sharing economy model.

The announcement has generated excitement and enthusiasm, with World Mobile’s CEO expressing enthusiasm about contributing to the advancement of connectivity in Pakistan and leveraging the country’s dynamic and expanding economy. By addressing the affordability and accessibility challenges, World Mobile aims to play a significant role in closing the connectivity gap and supporting Pakistan’s development targets.

More information on the first rollout location can be found here, via World Mobile Twitter.