Earth Node NFTs and Testnet launched

The World Mobile community have had a great start to 2023 with the launch of Earth Node NFTs (ENNFT) and the World Mobile Testnet, codenamed “Aya”. The name Aya comes from the Adinkra symbol, and it means fern. This symbol represents resourcefulness and endurance. Aya is built using the Cosmos SDK, interfacing with Cardano using smart contracts. Testnet is currently limited to a handful of Earth Node Operators (ENO’s) so the setup script and installation details can be streamlined and any issues ironed out.

The EarthNode NFTs (ENNFTs) are unique non-fungible tokens for EarthNode Operators which represent their ownership of an EarthNode. They are deployed on the Cardano blockchain, and each NFT has a unique number signifying the EarthNode it represents. EarthNodes are the heartbeat of the World Mobile network. Their operators earn rewards for processing transactions on the blockchain and securing the network, as well as offering value-added services.

All 1,000 available EarthNodes were previously reserved through a multi-stage process that culminated in a month-long auction for the last remaining nodes.

Those who have reserved an EarthNode are now able to claim their unique ENNFTs from within the WMT Vault and will need to do so to continue to participate in the EarthNode Operator Rewards Distribution Programme.

PSA: Please be careful when purchasing an ENNFT on secondary NFT marketplaces such as jpg.store. Be sure to check that the policy ID matches the official ENNFT policy ID here.

More details on claiming ENNFTs can be found on the World Mobile Blog.